CRS® Combat Rescue Sling
Rapid Deployment Pouch
Backup Entry Tool B.E.T.
SOF Rescue Kit
SOFCRS Combat Rescue Sling
Sling Link Rescue Kit (SLRK)
Tactical Storage Rack
S.A.V.E.R. Kit

Combat Rescue Sling (C.R.S.) for Law Enforcement

  • Combat Tested
  • Lightweight, compact and small footprint
  • Meets NEPA and OSHA standards
  • Patent # D 602 638
  • The most versitile rescue tool on the market
    • Capability driven:
      • Linear point of wounding extractions
      • Hands free drags
      • Backpack casualty carries
      • Modified 4 point carry
      • Full lowering and hoisting capabilities
      • Augmentation tool for TCCC casualty movements

NSN Number 4220015714851

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