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Sling Link Products for Fire Rescue

Save Our Own

Sling-Link, Inc. was established exclusively for the design and marketing of Sling-Link MAST.

The MAST is used by some of the most advanced rescue teams and rescue instructors in the country.

The MAST is designed for the fire/rescue service as a tool to be utilized in the "Save Our Own" program, Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) and FAST teams.

The functions of the MAST are unlimited...

Always available for the rigging of equipment in seconds, for rescue in moments, and always a way to get out.

The MAST is simple...

Every MAST is an OSHA approved lifting sling and meets NFPA 1983 as Personal Use or General Use Auxilliary Harness.

The MAST will work...

The MAST is a tool that should be carried in the bunker pant pocket or the specially designed pouch...and absolute must while on the fire floor. The Sling-Link MAST has the versatility of a rope with the convenience and speed of a sling.